IRS Tax Liens

IRS Tax Liens

Notice of Federal Tax Liens

IRS Tax Liens give the IRS a legal claim to your property as security or payment for your tax debt. A IRS Tax Liens Notice of Federal Tax Lien may be filed only after:

  1. IRS assess the liability;
  2. IRS sends you a Notice and Demand for Payment – a bill that tells you how much you owe in taxes; and
  3. You neglect or refuse to fully pay the debt within 10 days after we notify you about it.

Once these requirements are met, an IRS Tax Liens is created for the amount of your tax debt. By filing the notice of IRS Tax Liens, your creditors are publicly notified that we have a claim against all your property, including property you acquire after the IRS Tax Liens is filed. This notice is used by courts to establish priority in certain situations, such as bankruptcy proceedings or sales of real estate.

The IRS Tax Liens attaches to all your property (such as your house or car) and to all your rights to property (such as your accounts receivable, if you are a business).

Caution: Credit rating may be harmed

Once a IRS Tax Liens is filed, your credit rating may be harmed. You may not be able to get a loan to buy a house or a car, get a new credit card, or sign a lease. Therefore it is important that you work to resolve your tax liability as quickly as possible, before lien filing becomes necessary.

Releasing a IRS Tax Liens

The IRS will issue a Release of the Notice of Federal IRS Tax Liens:

  • Within 30 days after you satisfy the tax due (including interest and other additions) by paying the debt or by having it adjusted, or
  • Within 30 days after we accept a bond that you submit, guaranteeing payment of the debt.

In addition, you must pay all fees that a state or other jurisdiction charges to file and release the IRS Tax Liens. These fees will be added to the amount you owe.

Usually 10 years after a tax is assessed, a IRS Tax Liens releases automatically if the IRS has not filed it again. We can usually resolve these issues in weeks.


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