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  • Income Tax Preparers in Miami Advise on Offer in Compromise

    Income Tax Preparers in Miami Advise on Offer in Compromise The offer in compromise program is one method for Income Tax Preparers in Miami to resolve a tax debt liability with the Internal Revenue Service. There are three situations where an offer in compromise may be …

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  • Tax CPA Exempt From IRS Competency Test

    Tax CPA Exempt From IRS Competency Test The Internal Revenue Service today marked the third anniversary of its groundbreaking Income Tax Preparer in Miami initiative and urged those paid Tax Preparerrequired to pass a new competency test to take the test as soon as possible with …

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  • Small Business Accountants Miami 11 Tax Audit Red Flags

    Sometimes your Small Business Accountants are to blame for an audit. If Small Business Accountants promises unusually high refunds without asking to see proper documentation for deductions and credits, don’t be fooled, said Gustavo Viera Small Business Accountants and managing partner at VieraCPA. Small Business Accountants VieraCPA remind you you’re …

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  • Age-Related Tax Milestones

    Age-Related Tax Milestones As a Tax Preparation Miami Firm we know that across economic cycles, two things remain constant: you get older and you pay taxes. As the new year turns, you should also turn to your own age-related tax and financial planning milestones before …

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  • Tax Preparer Miami – Ten Tips To Choose Right One

    Tax Preparer Miami – Ten Tips To Choose Right One Many people look for help from professional Tax Preparer Miami when it’s time to do their Tax Preparation. If you use a paid Tax Preparer Miami to do your Tax Preparation this year, the IRS urges you to …

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  • Congress Wants Online Sales Tax

    Congress Wants Online Sales Tax As Income Tax Preparers in Miami we keep track of trends. Online Sales Tax collections would help states manage their budget problems, but could impose heavy burdens on small online merchants, executives from Internet and brick-and-mortar businesses told a congressional committee. …

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  • IRS Begins Tax Preparer Testing

    IRS Begins Tax Preparer Testing in Miami The Internal Revenue Service is moving into the second phase of its income tax preparer testing in Miami regulation initiative by beginning next week to schedule the first competency tests for income tax preparers. The IRS said Tuesday it …

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  • IRS Cracks Down on Tax Preparer Miami

    IRS Cracks Down on Tax Preparer Miami The IRS is sending letters to 21,000 members of the Tax Preparer Miami community to make them aware of their preparer responsibilities and to provide them with information to ensure the accuracy and quality of their clients’ returns in …

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  • Tax Accountant Miami

    Taxpayers of all types can benefit from hiring a Tax Accountant Miami. But before you spend your hard-earned cash, here’s some simple steps you can take to protect yourself, to find the right professional for your situation, and some questions to ask. Understand Why You …

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  • Accountant Miami

    An Accountant Miami is a practitioner of accountancy or accounting, which is the measurement, disclosure or provision of assurance about financial information that helps managers, investors, tax authorities and others make decisions about allocating resources. The Big Four auditors are the largest employers of Accountant Miami. …

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